About Us

About National Council of Kerala Hindu Heritage UK


Who We Are

The National Council of Kerala Hindu Heritage (NCKHHUK) is an educational and advocacy organization established in 2011. NCKHH-UK focuses on educating the public about Hindus and Hinduism and advocating for policies and practices that ensure the well-being of all people and the planet. We work directly with educators and journalists to ensure an accurate understanding of Hindus and Hinduism. We also work with policymakers and key stakeholders to champion issues of concern to Hindu British, including defending civil and human rights and protecting all living beings. Inspired by our guiding principles and Hindu teachings, NCKHH-UK promotes dignity, mutual respect, and pluralism.

Our Mission

Promoting dignity, mutual respect, and pluralism in order to ensure the well-being of Hindus and for all people and the planet to thrive.

Our Guiding Principles

NCKHH-UK is politically agnostic and non-partisan, meaning we are informed, but do not favour and cannot endorse any one political party or any candidates. We will work with all individuals and institutions committed to and constructively engaged in promoting dignity, mutual respect, and pluralism. NCKHH-UK is not affiliated with any religious or political organizations or entities. NCKHH-UK seeks to serve Hindu British across all sampradaya (Hindu religious traditions) regardless of race, colour, national origin, citizenship, caste, gender, sexual orientation, age and/or disability. Our positions are based on a relentless pursuit of facts; deep consideration of Hindu principles and British values, such as freedom, equality, and justice; and the input of subject matter experts. If we like a policy, we’ll say so, and rigorously substantiate our position.  NCKHH-UK positions will always be based on our guiding principles. And we will always advocate for what we believe is rooted in Hindu Dharma, and serves the well-being of Hindus and the greater good of all.

Satya – Be truthful. We pride ourselves in offering programming and information with accuracy, integrity, and honesty.

Ahimsa – Be non-harming. We aspire to work and communicate fairly and respectfully.

Viveka –Be discerning. We approach our work through careful contemplation, reason, and consensus building.

Nutana – Be innovative. We aspire to keep our work and approach relevant to our constituents by being creative, innovative, and flexible.

Sadbhavana – Be collaborative. We seek out partnerships with other individuals and organizations to forward our objectives.

Kutumbakam – Be big-hearted. We value and respect each other as individuals, work well together as a team, and respect each other’s work/life balance.

Utsaah – Be passionate. We are passionate about Hindu Dharma, the global community, and our work.


Frequently Asked Questions About NCKHH-UK

Is NCKHH-UK a non-partisan, non-profit organization?

Yes. NCKHH-UK is a wholly independent, British organization. It has absolutely no affiliation or ties to any organizations or political parties in the UK or abroad. NCKHH-UK was founded by second-generation Hindu British born and raised in the United Kingdom. We do engage and partner with a broad and diverse spectrum of stakeholders on a range of issues. Partnership in no way indicates an endorsement of the views of such stakeholders, or that we agree on all issues and all possible solutions. It does mean, however, that we’re willing to set aside differences in order to constructively work towards solutions on shared areas of concern.

What is NCKHH-UK’s political ideology?

We advocate on a range of issues, which provides an opportunity to work with lawmakers and stakeholders on different sides of the aisle. Our position on every issue is based on a relentless pursuit of facts, and deep consideration of Hindu principles and British values, such as freedom, equality, and justice.  Issues we work on that commonly garner the support of lawmakers and stakeholders which might be considered centre-left, progressive, liberal, or moderate include: equal protection and due process, voting rights, right to privacy, separation of church and state, gun safety reform, women’s access to healthcare, hate crime prevention, marriage equality, immigration reform, environmental protection, and the ethical treatment of animals.

Issues we work on that commonly garner the support of lawmakers and stakeholders which might be considered centre-right, conservative, classical liberal, libertarian, or moderate include free speech, international religious freedom, human rights, national security, counter-terrorism, and immigration reform.  NCKHH-UK works to promote dignity, mutual respect, and pluralism, and regardless of the issue, believes a secular, democratic form of government is most conducive to ensuring and upholding these principles.

Does NCKHH-UK advocate for people of all faiths?

While our focus is on the wellbeing of Hindus, we also work to ensure that all people and the planet thrive. We believe that this is possible only when and where dignity, mutual respect, and pluralism are nurtured and sustained. That’s why we promote these three principles. Standing up for the rights of Hindus and other minorities around the world does require the UK to highlight current and historical discrimination, subjugation, and violation of human rights committed by members of other religious communities. This does not mean we are against other religions but stems from the belief that factual integrity is necessary to raise awareness, seek justice, and end suffering.